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A Ruin in the Jungle Near Ankor Thom, Cambodia   
Live Music Photography (Click on Image to See More)   
Ordination Ceremony, Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai   
The Last Days of Red Rocks Bar NYC (Click on Image to See More)

Travel Stock Photography of Asia, Europe and North America (Click on Image to See More)
 The Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, July 27, 2016   
Crocheted "Bernie" Blanket on a Fence.  Democratic Natiional Convention, Philadelphia, July 2016   
Remembering 9/11/01. (click on image to see more)   
Fashion; The Milliners Guild during Fashion Week (Click on Image to See More)   
Large Format Banquet Style Images Shot on Film    
Farmers of South New Jersey; Probasco Farms, a NJ farm under cultivation since 1744 (click on image to see more)   
Homeless in London, (Click on Image to See More)   
A Collision at the Far Hills Races (Click on Image to See More)   
Tabletop Photography for Small Business, Insurance and Publications   
Product Photography for Technology Companies, for Manuals, Advertising, and Stock Offerings   
Portraits of Children and Their Parents   
Photography of Museum Collections; A Skull from New Guinea, Tropen Museum, Amsterdam
Monk Procession, Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand   
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